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About Cleto

About comedian Cleto Rodriguez Hello, my name is Cleto Rodriguez, I’m a 5’8 comic who enjoys family time, date nights, and a good meat loaf! As a San Antonio native, my stand up reflects what I see on these mean city streets as well as the flavor our my Hispanic culture. A few of my favorite things: exercising, eating out, and singing in the shower! I’m just kidding. Who has time to exercise? I often get mistaken for Brad Pitt… but, I really don’t see it myself! The one thing I truly enjoy doing is bringing smiles to people’s faces with my gift of laughter.
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Stand Up Guy

Stand Up Comedy “Cleto, where is your favorite place to perform comedy?” My answer is simple, “Anytime, Anywhere.” Since I am a clean comedian, I’m able to perform nationwide in Comedy Clubs, Corporations, Colleges, and Churches. I love performing for many different audiences all over. I haven’t met a mic I didn’t like!
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On the Air

On Air Personality I have been so blessed to not only do Stand up comedy, but to entertain people in variety ways. A passion of mine is using television to reach people’s funny bone, even if it’s early for the morning news. “Where’s Cleto?” is a man on the street segment, which has given me another opportunity to showcase my abilities to be quick-witted and hilarious in so many different situations. The “Where’s Cleto?” brand has been part of the News 4 San Antonio news cast. And has now expanded to Fox News First on Ch29. That’s twice the fun!
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clean comedy I have been performing all my life! There are places that I have been that have made me a stronger comedian, and there are places that I have not reached yet, such as White House, for the Queen of England, and The Cracker Barrel on I-35! But I have performed for some folk, here are some of those places……
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