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Had a blast last night at the Pinatas in the barrio poster unveiling! Always good to hang out with the king! 1 hour ago
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Work In Progress

New Project.

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Cleto Clips – Baking A Cake

Cleto has high expectations for his comedy career.

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Cleto Clips – Pictionary

Hopeless romantic Cleto learns how NOT to propose to his beloved.

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Cleto Clips – Wasabi

Wasabi isn’t guacamole.

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Cleto Clips – The Elvis Mug

Singing mugs usually go off at the worst time.

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Cleto Clips – Y’all

Some folks just can’t understand Texan.

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Cleto Clips – Snort

Snort laughs versus bark laughs.

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Cleto Clips – School

Cleto’s kids can’t win when it comes to school.

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Cleto Clips – Boston

Cleto describes an interesting exchange with his driver in Boston.

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SHOUT OUT! Featuring Paul Rodriguez

The Original Latin King of Comedy, Paul Rodriguez is in the house! Paul and I performed together not long ago

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